Image of Finding Perfect (Fool's Gold, Book 3)


Image of Finding Perfect (Fool's Gold, Book 3)

Mallery brings back a secondary character from her 2008 book Sweet Spot and makes him the hero of the third book in her Fool’s Gold series. This modern-day marriage of convenience tale has an unusual twist regarding pregnancy and friendship. Mallery sets up some very tough choices for her heroine, making this book compelling and intense.

A legacy from her late friend Crystal Westland knocks event planner Pia O’Brien for a loop: three embryos belonging to Crystal and her late husband Keith. Knowing how much Crystal wanted those babies, Pia feels compelled to try and give birth. Former football star Raoul Moreno has recently made Fool’s Gold his home and plans to open a camp for kids. Raoul meets with a highly flustered Pia right after she learns of the legacy. Raoul’s secret connection to Keith Westland compels him to offer to assist Pia as her pregnancy buddy. Can a relationship started for practical reasons blossom into more? (HQN, Sep., 356 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
JIll M. Smith