Yankee spunk meets Texas fire with highly explosive results in Carla Neggers' eagerly anticipated new tale of romantic suspense.

Vermonter Cozie Hawthorne has made a name for herself by writing a best-selling book on Yankee cracker-barrel views of life. Unfortunately, for the past few months, Cozie has been stalked by notes and phone calls delivered by an individual with an unknown agenda.

Daniel Foxworth Forrest, of the Texas oil Foxworths, is on a mission. He and his partner, J.D. Maguire, run a company that specializes in putting out fires. Someone sabotaged one of their helicopters, severely injuring J.D. in the process. The only clue Daniel has is a possible link between Cozie's brother Seth Hawthorne and socialite Julia Vanackern. Did Seth sabotage the helicopter believing that Julia would have been on board?

Cozie and Daniel strike sparks off each other from the very beginning. Each has a serious problem threatening them; could there be a link between the events?

FINDING YOU showcases the award-winning Ms. Neggers' unique blend of quirky humor, sizzling romance and engrossing suspense, which combine to produce irresistibly entertaining novels. Perfect reading for those long winter nights! (Mar., 343 pp, $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith