The new administration in Washington is going to bring about some big environmental changes in Alaska, and tempers are running high on the conservation front. Aleut Kate Shugak, like all natives, has her own feelings on the subject.

One sign of trouble concerns long time park ranger, Dan O'Brian. Genial and well liked, but outspoken on oil drilling, O'Brian has been asked to resign. This does not sit well with the locals, no matter their stance on environmental issues.

When two women involved in the conservation movement are attacked and one is killed, tempers run high. O'Brian comes under suspicion for the crimes, a ready-made suspect. It is Kate Shugak, with complete faith in her old time friend, who will discover the truth behind the violence plaguing the area.

Dana Stabenow delivers another fine mystery in A FINE AND BITTER SNOW. The topical issue of the Alaskan environment makes for a believable storyline and the multifaceted personality of Kate will intrigue readers. (Jun., 244 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg