This third installment of the Pet- Sitter series finds attorney/pet sitter Kendra Ballantyne joyfully returning to work after her law license is rightfully restored. What should be a happy time is marred when Ezra Costner, a curmudgeonly partner at her new firm, is found murdered, leaving his traumatized blue macaw GiGi as the only witness. Making matters worse, Kendra's sexy P.I. boyfriend Jeff is a prime suspect.

As Kendra works to unravel the mystery of who killed Ezra and why, she must summon not only her legal skills but also her instincts about people and animals. In doing so, she becomes increasingly convinced that GiGi holds the key to the case and Jeff's freedom.

Kendra and her dog Lexie are both likeable characters, but they're not enough to sustain the reader's interest in this slow-moving mystery. Also, the book suffers from a not-very-compelling victim. Ezra is only briefly introduced before he's murdered, and he's a less-than-sympathetic figure at best. Finally, Kendra and Jeff's relationship does not progress much in this installment, leaving readers a little disappointed at the end. (May, 272 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Stephanie Schneider