Image of The Finishing Touches


Image of The Finishing Touches

Browne writes a fun, hilarious novel complete with helpful tips and proper
etiquette for every occasion. It's a modern-day fairy tale, only heroine Betsy Phillimore acts as her own fairy godmother. Charming secondary characters and a breezy writing style knock this book out of the park.

As a baby, Betsy was left on the steps of the Phillimore Academy, a finishing school for girls. Raised by the owners, she's shocked -- and wounded -- when she's informed that instead of attending the academy herself, she's going to college.

Years later, Betsy is tasked with updating the academy's outdated curriculum so the school isn't forced to shut down. Only Betsy hasn't been exactly honest about her professional background, a fact she keeps from everyone. Can she trick everyone into thinking she can build the academy into the establishment it once was? (POCKET, Jun., 384 pp., $24.00)

Reviewed by: 
Lauren Spielberg