A storm at sea plunges Moira Robertson overboard and into the arms of the fugitive Tavig MacAlpin. Unjustly accused of murder by his greedy cousin Ivar, Tavig is intent upon proving his innocence and, for reasons of his own, decides that Moira must go with him to his ally Mullan Coll's keep. Long belittled by her uncle and determined not to wed the man he has chosen, Moira gladly accompanies Tavig.

Their journey is filled with danger as they fight off accusations of witchcraft and a trial by fire by Ivar's wicked henchmen. Despite the horrors they endure, their own burning passions protect them until they arrive at Mullan's home. But once there, Moira finds Tavig has deceived her. She is to be a hostage to help free her cousin Una.

But their inflamed desires turn out to be too strong for Tavig to just hand her over. First he will fight for the right to make her his bride, then vanquish her uncle and finally strive to clear his name.

Fast-paced and exciting, FIRE captures Scotland in all its glory and will long blaze in your memory. SENSUAL (Nov., 328 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin