When detective J.D. Gamble arrives at an arsonmurder scene, he is astonished to discover the surviving victim is his former college sweetheart, Sable Duchesne. Sable and J.D.'s breakup was acrimonious. Both were convinced the other broke their hearts. However, Sable is not the only victim in the fire; the deceased is none other than Louisiana gubernatorial candidate Marc LeClare.

Sable is grief-stricken. She and Marc had only recently learned that Marc was Sable's biological father. Marc was determined to help his newfound daughter with her community assistance program; he was also going to reveal their relationship, regardless of what it would do to his campaign.

Now Sable is trapped in a nightmare. She has her suspicions of who might have done this, and they lead right back to the heart of Cajun country— the very people she is trying to help. Considering their past and the cultural and wealth divisions that lie between them, Sable has serious trouble trusting J.D. However, when the killer makes another attempt, her choices are suddenly very limited.

Secrets laced with anger, hatred and revenge spill out into the open in Hall's new thriller. Set in atmospheric New Orleans, INTO THE FIRE explores the clash of cultures often brought on by money and pedigree. Taut and gripping, this is an exciting new read. (Mar., 304 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith