There is a lot of story packed into this category-length book. The heroine is particularly intriguing. The reader will enjoy uncovering her past during several well-written flashbacks. Sadie is easy to sympathize with, which makes the giant chip on her shoulder endearing rather than annoying. It is also wonderful to see how Quinn helps Sadie come to terms with her past and renew her faith. The story shows that God has a plan, even in the most tragic circumstances, and He will shower blessings upon people who look for them.

When Sadie McGregor was a child, she lost her entire family in a fire and she has never stopped blaming herself for the accident. After the incident, Sadie dedicates her life to solving fire-related crimes as an arson investigator. But while Sadie helps others come to terms with their losses, she feels that she does not deserve God’s forgiveness for her mistake. However, when she is called in to investigate a killer blaze in her hometown, her new co-worker Sheriff Quinn Harrington makes Sadie think that God has not forgotten her after all. (Desert Breeze Publishing, July 2010, dl. $5.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne