Corinthians Avery will never be able to live down the moment she met Trevor Grant. Dressed in sexy lingerie and anticipating a night of romantic bliss, shed waited for Dex Madaris to emerge from his shower. But the man who emerged was Trevor. To make matters worse, Trevor informed her that not only was Dex married, but he was also a father. Now, two years later, Corinthians finds herself in Brazil at an oil research summit, accompanied by Trevor, trying to deny the erotic heat that sizzles between them.

Trevor has made it clear that he wants her, but Corinthians isnt about to become his latest one-night-stand. Shes determined that Trevor love her and need her as well as want her in his bed.

Trevor never intended to fall in love with Corinthians, nor did he expect her to reject his advances so vehemently. Though he knows shes in love with Dex, Trevor isnt daunted. But his goal is put to the test when their hotel is overtaken by terrorists. Trevor realizes that Corinthians is the intended kidnap target. Using his military training, he grabs Corinthians and they disappear into the Brazilian jungle. While deep in their secluded hideaway, Trevor learns the true meaning of love and vows never to let anyone or anything threaten Corinthianss happinessnot even him.

With her inimitable style, Ms. Jackson has created another rip-roaring, seductively sensual love story that is sure to take the romance-reading community by storm. As always, her standard of excellence is evident in every scintillating page of FIRE AND DESIRE. (July, 320 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson