Kate Mannheim left Grand Hanseten years ago. Now she is back to find her mothers diamonds and to put the past to rest.

At first glance, the inhabitants of this cold, foreboding house have not changed. Kates Aunt Ruth is still sharp-tongued as ever, but Uncle Gar, a once tall, robust man, is now a frail shadow of himself. And there is Elliot Carstairs, Gars great nephew, no longer the slender lover of her youth, but an unaffected, hard and masculine man.

Kate searches every nook and cranny for the diamonds, but doesnt find theminstead she finds herself in Elliots arms. Can she trust the man who was accused of murder? And will the living and the specter of old ghosts reveal the secrets of Grand House?

Ms. Avery delivers a mysterious atmosphere and an emotional love story as she keeps you turning the pages in this chilling and suspenseful read. SENSUAL (Jul., 362 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond