Slave to the old sorceress, Kalidah, for as long as she can remember, Trina has no knowledge of her early years. She has served the ancient mage out of fear rather than respect. Tempted one cold night, Trina chances feeding the meager fire Kahlida allows her and the flames work their magic, in more ways than one.

Trina finds herself transported beyond her world into that of the spirits in the flames. Dancing and weaving throughout their heat, the timid young woman discovers joy in the arms of a mystery lover. This fervent specter, handsome and bold, tempts Trina beyond her knowledge, but she is brought back to her dismal life before she learns of the wonder shell find in his arms.

Soon Trina discovers Kalidah has a deadly reason for keeping her close all these years. Will her fiery lover save her from a disastrous fate? With his help, might she learn of her true identity and find her people?

FIRE AND ICE is a well-written fantasy, filled with exciting and emotional love scenes. The story, although original, might have been served better had it not ended so abruptly. It needs to be more conclusive instead of dangling. It does succeed in leaving the reader wanting more, though! (Mar., dl $3.00, dk $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
April Redmon