Image of Fire and Ice


Image of Fire and Ice

Stuart's latest is a well-plotted, action-packed joy from start to finish. Quirky Reno is simply delicious. As funny as he
is sexy, and as dangerous as he is sensitive, he's one of the author's most memorable heroes ever.

Depressed over a miserable one-night stand, graduate student Jilly Lovitz decides to pay a surprise visit to her sister and brother-in-law in Japan. This simple action has terrifying consequences. The two are in hiding, being stalked by Russian hitmen whose interest then shifts to Jilly as a means for reaching their real targets.

It falls to Committee operative Reno, aka Hiromasa Shinoda, to secure Jilly and get her to safety. But it's not that simple. Jilly refuses to obey even Reno's simplest requests, and she's got a nasty habit of putting herself in harm's way. Complicating matters further is the attraction flaring between them, distracting Reno at the most inopportune times. Getting involved with Jilly is the last thing he intends, but Reno can't seem to help himself. (MIRA, May, 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer