Proving yet again that humor and danger are a winning mix, Garwood entices readers with sizzling adventure punctuated with memorable characters. Her protagonist's head-butting with the hero is a hoot as it segues into enticing passion. The journal narrative woven into the story moves from intellectual excitement to downright creepiness. A genuine Garwood gem!

Reporter Sophie Rose's life has been pretty atypical. With a father who was considered Chicago's version of Robin Hood, Sophie has been persistently hounded by law enforcement. But since her friend Regan is married to an FBI agent, she can't really avoid them.

After interviewing narcissistic runner William Harrington prior to a Chicago race, Sophie is baffled when Alaskan authorities notify her that he has been eaten by a polar bear. As she looks for answers, Sophie's friends insist she take along protection in the form of sexy, if irritating, FBI agent Jack MacAllister. (BALLANTINE, Jan., 336 pp., $26.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith