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Mariette Call will never forgive her father, Senator Hardesty, for his role in her husband's brutal murder, therefore when he hires U.S. Deputy Marshall Matthew Kagan as an escort to her new teaching position, she will have nothing to do with him. She cannot confide her husband's discoveries concerning Elliot Chambers' illegal activities as she believes Matthew to be in league with her father.

Marshal Kagan has always upheld everything the law stands for. He is unaware of the dangerous circumstances surrounding Mariette. But when Chambers' men show up hot on their trail he convinces Mariette that he is not involved in their dealings.

Calling upon the help of his friends Justice Twelve Moons, Liberty Slow Bear Walking, and Freedom Good Path, Matthew sets out to trap Chambers, never expecting to fall in love with Mariette along the way.

When Matthew and Mariette succumb to their passionate longings, trouble ensues and they must learn to trust one another with their innermost feelings in order to share the wondrous joys of love.

FIRE AND WATER is a heartwarming, hilarious tale of two souls destined for one another. Matthew is much like the land he loves-rugged and fierce-and yet his soul is gentle and serene. Ms. Spencer has created a delightful cast of characters that is sure to win your heart and have you laughing out loud at their crazy antics. This reader is looking looking forward to the continuing tales of Justice, Liberty and Freedom. SWEET (Apr., 309 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox