Figure skating champion Omunique Philyaw and Kenneth Maxwell are in love. By being a public figure, however, Omunique has suffered greatly at the hands of a stalker. With the Olympics behind her, she is set on taking her life in a new direction by marrying Ken and turning pro.

Not long after the wedding, Omunique starts having flashbacks and Ken becomes concerned for her well-being. Is her medication giving her some sort of mental problems? When she starts seeing her stalkerwhos now deadKen insists she get help.

Ken and Omuniques relationship is sweet and it is obvious the two cherish one another. It isnt until the middle of the story that this transforms from a sweet romance with minimal conflict to a full-blown suspense. Are Omuniques fears real, or is she falling under a greater trauma that comes from deep in her past? (Nov., 304 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Pamela Tullos