Image of The Fire Dance (An Irene Huss Investigation)


Image of The Fire Dance (An Irene Huss Investigation)

A strong mystery and an interesting setting help build the momentum in the sixth installment of the Detective Inspector Huss series. Huss is an excellent detective but she isn’t a superwoman. More than in other series this reviewer has read, the female lead’s personal life is clearly shown along with her professional challenges. Readers will also find it entertaining to read about life in Sweden, which is not so foreign that outsiders can’t relate.

Irene’s first case in Goteborg, Sweden, was 15 years ago — when a man died in a house fire. His young stepdaughter was a suspect, but nothing was proven. Although a talented ballet dancer, she was almost entirely mute and even social workers couldn’t get out of her what she knew. Years later, she has become a successful dancer when her body is found, seemingly a victim of arson. Irene looks into the death by interviewing the same people she did 15 years ago, and the dancer’s self-centered mother becomes a suspect. The victim’s brother is a photographer who has done a study of fires. Does this have something to do with the house fire 15 years earlier? (SOHO CRIME, Jan., 336 pp., $26.95)
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Page Traynor