Jackson Tyler doesn't expect to find himself naked and held at gunpoint by a woman. Regan O'Neil has every reason to be suspicious of Jackson. After being her sister's lover, Jackson ran off, leaving her sister to marry their brutal cousin, David.

Jackson claims all he wants is the son he believes Regan's sister bore him, but there is no son, only Regan's own daughter. But Jackson will not leave once he knows that Regan is involved in a range war with David, and that only he stands between Regan and the ruthless guns she's hired to protect her ranch, men who would just as soon take advantage of her. Secretly, Jackson believes the child is his daughter and that Regan has been living a lie to protect her sister's memory.

Jackson's return rekindles memories of her young girl's love for him, but now she is a woman and it isn't long before Jackson awakens her womanly longings and their battle of wills is fueled by a smoldering desire.

Now with her cousin determined to drive her away, Regan must turn to Jackson for help and face the ghosts of the past and the enemies of the present to find a priceless future.

FIRE IN THE DARK will grab you from the very first page as Ms. Macias' storytelling talents propel you through this novel to a wondrous conclusion. SWEET (Aug., 360 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin