Image of This Fire Down in My Soul


Image of This Fire Down in My Soul

Though this is an easy book to get through, single readers may think twice about the sanctity of marriage. Filled with story after story of extramarital affairs, Mason's latest will have readers pondering the real meaning of "for better or worse" and "till death do us part."

Counselor and first lady of Hope Filled Christian Center Church, Faye, uses sessions from three of her clients to make the ultimate decision in her failing marriage. Housewife Tess has spent the past 23 years catering to her to two grown sons and her husband Jesse. After learning about her husband's affair, Tess must decide if and when she will learn to live for herself. Real estate agent Elise is dying for someone to love her and fools herself into thinking married Jay can fill that void in her life. Interior decorator Renee only needs a man for one thing. And as hard as she tries, her very married client Lewis may be the only one qualified to scratch her itch. (St. Martin's, Apr., 384 pp., $21.95)

Reviewed by: 
B. Nakia Garner