Image of The Fire in Ember: A Novel


Image of The Fire in Ember: A Novel

This great historical novel is full of romance, mystery and some believable bad guys. The characters are amazing in their strength of body and of their faith. When problems arise they find a way to solve them and learn from the situation. Mills gives the readers many details, but the minutia doesn’t drag the story down.

Colorado, 1888: John Timmons likes the way his life is, planned and very orderly. When he learns that a horse thief is going to be hung, he as deputy marshal cannot allow that to happen, and so she decides to bring the boy home to work off his debt without serving any jail time. When the Timmons family learns “Bert” is actually a woman named Ember who was just returning the horse her brother had stolen, plans change and soon Ember is helping John’s mother in the house and garden. When John’s younger brother starts hanging around Ember more than John likes, tension grows between brothers. Ember doesn’t want trouble, but she also does not want to go back to her law-breaking family. What is she going to do when trouble comes to the ranch and everyone around her is in danger? John and Ember will have to hang on to their beliefs and to each other to survive what is in store for them. (ZONDERVAN, Jan., 320 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans