With a spectacular tale of love in a faraway land beyond the mists of time, the remarkable Justine Dare once again raises the romance genre to new heights of glory. In a genre rich with talent, Ms. Dare's is a rare, definitive voice that leads the way for others to follow. A class act all the way, this spellbinding author is a treasure to cherish.

It is a magic place, a hidden refuge in which the people of the Golden Hawk live in peace and tranquility. One day, however, an evil warlord invades the forest and threatens the enchanted glen itself. As the death toll mounts, Jenna Hawk knows it is up to her to find a champion to save her people.

What better choice than Kane the Warrior? A legend in his own time, no man is more capable or more feared. The price he demands is high, but one Jenna is willing to pay no matter what the cost to herself. Behind the cold facade of the warrior, however, lies a wounded soul in desperate need of the healing that only Jenna can bring him.

Can Kane and Jenna defy the odds and triumph over the evil invader? Perhaps with the help of the enigmatic wizard known as Tal...

(July, 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer