Katherine Miles must marry Robert Bennet to pay off her father's debts at the same time her sister marries Robert's older brother. Then they are all to travel to America.

But Kate does not want to marry Robert and after running away on her wedding day finds that she can still accompany her sister and the Bennet brothers to Virginia.

Fire Hawk, saved from prison by Robert, has found a kindred spirit in Kate. When he saves her from a pack of wild dogs, a bond is forged between them.

The New World is not England. In the rustic and wild country, Kate finds Robert more intolerable and Fire Hawk more attractive.

Any misgiving Kate may have about her love for Fire Hawk is put to rest when she discovers her sister, Alice, and Robert in a compromising situation. Kate's discovery and silence only cause her more trouble when it is discovered that Kate has been alone with Fire Hawk.

When the Powhatan people take revenge on the English, Fire Hawk and Kate flee. They spend an idyll getting to know one another and then find themselves thrust into danger.

Ms. French writes for the senses. Her visual description is always poetic and her love scenes sensual. SENSUAL (Jan, 376 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis-Greer