Image of Fire Inside: A Chaos Novel


Image of Fire Inside: A Chaos Novel

Bestselling author Kristen Ashley never disappoints! The second book in her Chaos Motorcycle Club series is just as twisted and fun as her first. Lanie is an outrageous character that readers may not relate to, yet will want to be best friends with. The character's poor choices and personal disasters will play emotional pinball with your heart. And Hop, dear Hop, can you come home with us? Because there is absolutely nothing better than a dangerous man on the back of a hog, willing to fight for (and with) his woman.

Businesswoman Lanie Heron found true love. They got engaged, planned their wedding, but before they made it down the aisle, her fiancé got caught up with the Russian mob and was killed — almost costing Lanie her life. It is no wonder that Lanie is not looking for love, but she is interested in a no-strings attached affair. And who better to proposition than Hop Kincaid, a hard-riding member of the Chaos Motorcycle Club. Known for loving 'em and leaving, Hop should make the perfect one (or two) night stand. But when the couple is unwilling to call it quits, they must find a place for the emotionally hurt woman in the Chaos world, which can be a dark and dangerous place. (GRAND CENTRAL, June, dl., $3.79)

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Dawn Crowne