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For new readers of this series, the
characters will have to grow on them, but once they do, it's a race to the
end. The plot is intriguing, and there are enough facets to keep readers interested but not so many that the focus is lost. This is a well-planned
and well-executed book that answers almost all of the questions it poses. Gerow manages to put the many secondary characters to good use, keep the romance developing and allude to the next book in the series without missing a beat.

Kefira Knight and her sister gargoyles are perpetually caught up in prophecy. And when the newest addition to the prophecy involves the long gone love of Kefira's life, Dagan, she seems like she could go ballistic. When the prophecy points to the possibility of Kefira turning against her sisters and everything they stand for, she's ready to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Dagan, a Paladin by training and formerly celibate by choice, vows that Kefira won't face this challenge alone. He works to keep her protected against the newest evil: an Incubus/vampire mix. (Triskelion, Oct., 312 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Aisha Cargile