Image of The Fire Opal (Lost Continent)


Image of The Fire Opal (Lost Continent)

Fans of the Aronsdale books and
new readers alike will not be disappointed with Asaro's latest. Even
with no prior knowledge of the
series, this is one heck of a page-
turner! Ginger is tough yet innocent, and the reader can't help but root
for her to succeed. The writing is
crisp, the plot and action are compelling and the sweet ending will
completely satisfy everyone. This
is an excellent read!

Despite her youth, Ginger enjoys being the sole priestess of the Dragon-Sun in her remote desert village. But when Darz, a horribly wounded warrior, is brought to her temple, she has no idea that her quiet life is over. When Ginger is accused of witchcraft by the village elders, Darz barely rescues her from being burned at the stake.

On the run and heading for Darz's home, Ginger must once again face agony and death in order to save her true love. Will she and Darz be able to foil a plot against their country's supposed allies and save the queen and the heir before it's too late? (LUNA, Jul., 320 pp., $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Rhomylly Forbes