Alex Benedict and Chase Kolpath return for another sci-fi mystery filled with intriguing physics concepts, the possibility of multiple realities and questions about the sentience of AI. As usual, the story is narrated by Chase, but the focus here is really on Alex as he grapples with questions that challenge his previous thinking. The structure and plotting are workmanlike, although the subplot about AI is only loosely tied to the main story. It’s a quick, enjoyable romp through space and time.

Alex Benedict and Chase Kolpath once again put on their detective hats when the sister-in-law of a fringe theory physicist who mysteriously vanished 41 years earlier wants to sell items from his estate. Christopher Robin’s wild theories about disappearing ships and multiple alternate realities lead Alex and Chase on a quest to discover just what happened to the curmudgeonly Robin that takes them to Villanueva, a once-thriving planet now populated solely by hostile AIs, and eventually to the very edge of the universe. (ACE, Nov., 384 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Carter