Image of The Firebird


Image of The Firebird

Though The Firebird is a follow-up to The Winter Sea and ties up many loose ends, it stands alone as a wonderfully entertaining, non- stop read. The present and past come together as Kearsley masterfully merges paranormal elements with a wonderful dual story and a fascinating historical setting. Those who loved A.S. Byatt’s Possession will adore The Firebird.

Nicola Marter can hold an object and “sense” its history. She tells no one of this gift until a woman brings a small wooden carving to her boss, a dealer of Russian antiquities. When he refuses to believe the woman’s tale that this is the Firebird that belonged to Empress Catherine, Nicola knows the woman is telling the truth — she felt it and wants to help the stranger. Nicola turns to her ex-lover, Rob McMorran. Like Nicola he has a “gift.” Following the story of young 18th-century girl Anna, their psychic and actual journeys take them to the court of Peter the Great and draw them into a story of courage and selflessness, of the Russian involvement in the Jacobite Rebellion and how Anna’s friendship with Catherine led to the Firebird’s legacy. (SOURCEBOOKS, Jun., 445 pp., $15.00)
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Kathe Robin