Following their fathers death at the Kings command, Adrianne, her mother and her sisters |all fled to different isolated areas of Scotland. It is believed that each woman carries a clue leading to the location of the fabled Treasure of Tiberius.

Adrianne arrives in the western isles where she boards the ship of Wyntoun MacLean, master of the isle. Wyntoun hopes she will lead him to the treasure he is to obtain for the Knights of the Veil.

Adrianne agrees to marry him to help rescue her mother and keep her sisters safe. Their marriage of convenience turns to one of love, but their newfound happiness is jeopardized by a traitor.

The conclusion to The Highland Treasure Trilogy is a thrilling, action-packed love story. Well written, carefully constructed and peopled with the entire Perry clan, this is sheer joy to read. May McGoldrick may ask readers to suspend their disbelief, but they will gladly expand their imaginations to reach the stunning conclusion of this series. SENSUAL (Nov., 380 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin