Image of FireDrake (Dragon Knights (Paperback))


Image of FireDrake (Dragon Knights (Paperback))

The newest in D'Arc's Dragon Knights
is a showcase for an ensemble of wonderfully drawn human and dragon characters. Magical adventure and passionate romance combine for a riveting read. The sex is explicit, and the sizzling menage scenes will curl your toes. This is an intricately plotted story, and references to characters and events in previous books may be confusing unless you read them in sequence.

After a 15-year estrangement, Drake returns home to deliver information about a plot against the royal family. He has his eye on Krysta, a woman his friend Mace is courting. Now this trio, along with their dragons, must band together to rescue a young prince. They face dangerous trials, and the men find themselves vying for Krysta's attentions. Can she choose between them, or will they make their complicated relationship work? (SAMHAIN, Apr., 280 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski