Fear, betrayal and death tie the Renwick and Connor families together. When Caroline Renwick was five years old, a distraught James Connor invaded the Renwick home and took Caroline, her three-year-old sister Clio and their pregnant mother, Augusta, hostage. Enraged because famed artist Hugh Renwick had an affair with his wife, James was out for revenge. At first he planned to kill Caroline and Clio, but ultimately he committed suicide.

Despite this, Caroline was always fond of James son, Joe Connor. However, Joe believes that his father died of a heart attack, and when, as a teenager he learns the truth, he breaks off their phone correspondence. Years later, Joe and his salvage crew end up staying at Carolines Inn as they search the coastal waters for the wreck of the Cambria. Now face to face, Joe and Caroline have much to work out.

Family dynamics are often filled with pain and misunderstanding and this is certainly the case with the Renwicks. FIREFLY BEACH examines the relationship between two extremely wounded families, making this both a highly entertaining and deeply moving novel. (Jun., 363 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith