When John Logan's wife deserted him, she took their infant daughter. John spends five long years tracking his child to a small Connecticut village, where his daughter lives with a woman who believes the girl to be her orphaned niece.

Everyone in town calls Autumn Welles "The Tin Lady" because of her delicate, painted tin ware. But few know the secrets surrounding the child she cherishes as her own.

John's arrival on the eve of Autumn's wedding to the over-bearing minister thrusts her into an unwanted marriage and a web of lies that leads them from New England to Ohio and New York. But their awakening passion will carry Autumn and John into tempestuous waters as they try to keep the child they both love safe from a bitter old man's schemes.

Empathy and passion mix superbly in this poignant, unusual romance written by the shining new star, Delia Parr. Watch for this up-and-coming talent. SENSUAL (Jan., 360 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin