The reigning queen of futuristic romance makes our hearts beat at light speed in in this second exciting volume of the Volan trilogy, in turn based on her classic tale entitled The Knowing Crystal.

It is a time of great danger for the Imperium. The alien race known as the Volan have mounted a determined campaign of conquest to enslave humanity as its new host race, and with the destruction of Knowing Crystal, mankind has no viable defense. One hope, however, does exist. Deep within the crystal caves of the planet called Incendra lies a stone whose properties just may generate the needed protection, if only it can be retrieved.

To that end, the king calls upon Teague, a famed warrior monk, and Reina, the lovely leader of the Sodalitas order, to journey to their native planet and fetch the precious crystal. Although neither is a willing volunteer, both reluctantly realize the necessity for their mission.

Once on the planet, however, nothing goes as planned. Haunted by a variety of personal ghosts and dreadful memories, each shies away from the unwanted attraction that sparks between them. Finally, however, they are left with only one choice: to put aside the past and grasp the future. Will they succeed in building a new life together as well as saving the Imperium?

Ms. Morgan's prowess as a spellbinding storyteller continues to grow by leaps and bounds. This carefully crafted novel of high adventure and passionate love is filled with striking characterizations that will live in your heart forever. (Sept., 448 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
M. Helfer