Image of Firewall (FBI: Houston)


Image of Firewall (FBI: Houston)

Mills once again demonstrates her spectacular writing skills in her latest action-packed work. From the opening sequence that quite literally begins with a resounding bang, the story moves at a fast pace that will keep readers riveted until the climactic end. The cast of characters, including the villains, is diverse and well fleshed-out, particularly given the widespread scope of the story. It’s great to see an intelligent heroine who’s actually able to showcase her smarts.

Taryn Young is about to board a plane to take off for her honeymoon when a bomb blast impacts the terminal. When Taryn wakes up, she discovers that she’s in a hospital and the FBI consider her and her new husband prime suspects in their investigation. Agent Grayson Hall wants answers — as does the rest of the country. Could Taryn truly be guilty of such a heinous crime? Agent Hall doesn’t think so, but to discover the truth among a multitude of lies, they will have to work together before the bad guys catch up with them. (TYNDALE, Jul., 416 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susannah Balch