Cydney Kelly, a hardworking mother, hasn't dated since her divorce two years ago. Why, she wonders, does the first man she feels strongly attracted to have to be her hard-hearted boss, Daryl Burke-Carter. When he sets his sights on her, Cydney wonders if she'll have the strength to resist his devastating charm.

Daryl is just as determined to have Cydney as he is to discover who's trying to sabotage his business. As he is drawn into Cydney's exotic spell, he wonders if she could be the enemy as well as the woman he loves.

This book is the wildly sensual, wholly romantic story of a woman who refuses to back down from life and the man who champions her in her quest. Ms. Guillaume has reached a new level of literary success with her rendition of love, laughter and life at its best. (Oct., 301 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson