In a wonderful followup to Samuels-Young's successful courtroom drama, Every Reasonable Doubt, the details of law are authentic and the courtroom scenes realistic. Told in alternate viewpoints, the story flashes by as the danger mounts. Interesting characters and snappy dialogue add to the enjoyment, and the
secondary plot involving Vernetta's relationship with her husband is strong.

Successful attorney Vernetta Henderson has no worries about winning her current sexual harassment case and refuses to settle. But when a new lawyer is brought in to oppose her, the plaintiff dies and the company she's representing seems to be working against her, Vernetta realizes something more than a simple case is going on. Soon she is fighting for her career and to save those around her from real danger. (Kimani/SEPIA, Jan., 272 pp., $14.95)

Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor