Image of First Blood


Image of First Blood

Here are four great vampire stories for readers who enjoy their romances with a bit of bite. Connected to other stories by these authors, they can be fully enjoyed even if you're not familiar with their previous works.

"Cave Canem," by Sizemore, returns to the Laws of the Blood universe with the theft of some hellhound pups. Vampire Dan Conover reluctantly teams up with werewolf Tess Sirella to get them back.

McCarthy's "Russian Roulette" has former slayer turned vampire Sasha Checkikov rescued by vampire Alistair Kirk and finding a job and a future.

The Vampire Babylon world is revisited in "Double the Bite," by Green, where love for mortal Ben Tyree comes between vampire Ginny and her possessive twin.

When vampire Annie Gallagher sets out to rescue a young human girl, she finds herself again in the company of FBI agent Jack Harrington in Brook's "Thicker Than Blood." (Berkley, Aug., 336 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley