Image of First Class Seduction (Kimani Romance)


Image of First Class Seduction (Kimani Romance)
FIRST CLASS SEDUCTION (4) by Anita Bunkley: A heartstoppingly handsome hero, a strong-willed heroine, just the right touch of action and hot, hot love scenes ensure that you’ll finish this book in one sitting! When flight attendant Lori Myles kisses a mysterious stranger on the dance floor in Acapulco, she’s stunned by the attraction and longs to see him again. She gets her wish when he is seated on her flight back to Houston. Security expert Ramón Vidal knows their reunion is fate. Lori is hesitant about getting to know Ramón after her last relationship ended badly. When her home is vandalized, she contacts him. Sparks fly and the couple is on their way to love when his Mexican judge brother’s family is threatened and Ramón acts to protect them.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims