Image of First Comes Baby


Image of First Comes Baby
Emotionally scarred from a rape years earlier, Laurel Woodall yearns desperately for a baby and decides to ask a married friend to donate sperm. The man and his wife agree -- reluctantly -- but when Laurel tells college friend Caleb Manes, the only male friend from before the rape she's kept in touch with, he insists that he be the one to father her child. But during her pregnancy and after, Laurel learns that what she feels for Caleb is much more than just friendship, and she finds herself wanting to heal in order to be with him. First Comes Baby (4), by Janice Kay Johnson, is a well-written story with an emotionally satisfying ending. Johnson's characters have enough flaws to be real, and her story is nicely paced. Laurel and Caleb's relationship progresses at the perfect speed.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay