It took eight years for Kitty Wilders one silly mistake to catch up with her, but now that it has shes in deep trouble. A leftover frontier law in the small town of Hot Water, CA allows for couples to be wed on Aug. 31 without the paperwork. Hot Water had used this gimmick for years as a tourist attraction for their Heritage Day. Eight years ago when Kitty and Dylan Matthews got soused, they got a Heritage marriage, and unbeknownst to Dylan, Kitty went ahead and formally registered their nuptials. This means that for the past eight years, Kitty and Dylan have been husband and wife.

FBI agent Dylan Matthews is baffled when a background check suddenly turns up the startling knowledge that he is legally married. With fire in his eyes he heads back to his hometown. There will be hell to pay as this visit will force Dylan to face the scene of his greatest nightmare. For generations the Matthews men stood on the side of the law, whereas the Wild Wilder women ran the local brothel. The battle between the new generation is now in session.

This delightful novel uses a twist on the battle between the sexes to form a really touching and appealing story. Christie Ridgway is one gifted author. (Jan., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith