Image of First Comes Marriage (Huxtable Quintent)


Image of First Comes Marriage (Huxtable Quintent)

The incomparable Balogh delivers a masterful first
in a new trilogy centering on the lives and loves of the Huxtable daughters. Always fresh, intelligent, emotional and sensual, Balogh's stories reach out to readers, touching heart and mind with their warmth and wit. Prepare for a joyous read.

The arrival of Elliot Wallace, Viscount Lyngate, in the small village of Throckbridge causes quite a stir, and his proposal to marry Vanessa Huxtable's sister takes everyone by surprise.

Determined to see that her sister is not thrust into a marriage of convenience with a stranger, widowed Vanessa volunteers to become the viscount's bride. Since Elliot needs a wife, he cannot be too particular, yet he never expects Vanessa to be fiery or sensual. She was married to a dying man and has no idea what it's like to be held by strong arms and receive heart-melting kisses. Brought together by fate, they discover a love neither expects and shadows of the past they must erase before they can seize happiness. (DELL, Mar., 400 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin