When Sydney gets word that her younger sister Julie is planning on marrying a man she has known for only one month, she heads to Texas to stop her.

Alex Kimbell is determined to keep Sydney from interfering with Julie and her fiancé—who happens to be his best friend and whom he knows loves Julie deeply. However, as they get to know each other, Sydney's understanding of Alex's mother's illness (and ability to cope with the woman's eccentricities) and his attraction to her has him feeling something other than anger for Sydney.

The first installment in The Bridesmaid Chronicles, First Date, is a fairly lighthearted romance that tackles some serious issues. Though at first it is unclear why Sydney would be so against her sister's marriage, it is made clear as the story progresses. The hero's difficulty in dealing with his mother's illness is poignantly done and the scenes between his parents are heart-warming. This story is a well-balanced mixture of serious and funny elements. (Jun., 288 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley