Ms. Dalton examines every parent's worst nightmare and delivers mystery, suspense and enough clues to please any reader. Jackie Kaminsky is a great addition to the growing list of fictional detectives, and Mira plans to bring her back in Second Thoughts in '98.

A three-year-old boy is missing. He was taken from his divorced mother in a mall toy store and both sides of the family think the other side has taken him. No one is reacting with the fear Detective Jackie Kaminsky expects.

Sifting through stories and interviews, Jackie and her partner try to find the child. Paul Arnussen claims to have had a psychic vision of the kidnapped three year old and, knowing unpublicized details, makes himself look suspicious. Jackie agrees to meet Paul, and is confused about how she can be at once leery of, and attracted to, him.

As time ticks away, Jackie knows that there is one important piece of information just outside her grasp, and when the situation becomes desperate, she turns to the psychic for help. But will they be able to locate little kidnapped Michael before it is too late?

(Apr., 384 pp. $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson