Since he was a poverty-stricken child, Tom Flynn has been making a list of goals hes determined to accomplish. Now after marking off earn over 50 million dollars, Tom is left with the goal of getting married. Underneath the "get married" goal is another one he doesnt remember writing: "Fall in Love.

Holly McBride, considered the good-time girl of Bethlehem, NY, owns and runs the McBride Inn. After witnessing the destruction of her parents union, marriage holds no allure for Holly. However Inn guest sexy Tom Flynn does. During a birthday party for Tom, Holly accidentally steals his birthday wish, and in the magical town of Bethlehem, that means love and magic are about to mix.

First introduced in Ms. Pappanos earlier novels set in Bethlehem, Tom and Holly finally receive their due. Marilyn Pappano has given readers a warmhearted and compassionate story of two damaged individuals learning to discover and trust their emotions. (Sep., 326 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith