Humor, drama and a proclivity for
the unexpected propel the author's prose forward. Weber adds a unique twist to an offbeat subject in his latest. Colorful characters are a delight in
this story and set the tone for the
novel. However, the reader may find
a misplaced focus, placed too much
on some characters and less on others, leaving a story that lacks balance. All in all, however, The First Lady is an easy and enjoyable read.

Bishop T.K. Wilson had no idea that his deceased wife would leave bedlam in her wake. Having written a bevy of letters to new marriage prospects for him, the bishop now finds his church in an uproar over who will be the next first lady. With his former first love, a deacon's daughter and his wife's best friend on the ballot, the bishop couldn't ask for a more diverse group to choose from. But -- though his wife's intentions seem good -- he can't help feeling the touch of her controlling hands from beyond the grave. (Dafina, Jan., 304 pp., $24.00)

Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton