When four terrified Chinese women and three dead ones are found inside a shipping container washed in by the sea, Lt. Lou Boldt and Sergeant John LaMoia take on the case. The conditions these women were subjected to were utterly inhumane, and Lou is grimly determined to bring those responsible to justice.

TV reporter Stevie McNeal is also examining this disturbing case. With the help of her adopted sister, Melissa Chow, Stevie hopes to scoop both the police and the networks. Unfortunately, Melissa gets too close to the truth and suddenly disappears. A frantic Stevie will now do anything to find her missing sister.

Then a number of potential witnesses turn up dead, making Lou and John suspect a leak within the system. Is the leak within the police department, the FBI or the INS? With Melissas life on the line, every second counts.

Mans continued inhumanity towards man forms the central core of this intricate, electrifying and disturbing novel. Another first rate thriller by a master of suspense. (Jun., 416 pp., Hardcover released July 1999)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith