This emotionally charged tale revisits Morgan Trayhern's family from the Morgan's Mercenaries saga. Jason's journey to regain his "lost soul," his family and the woman he loves is riveting and deeply touching.

Bad luck and a lone-wolf attitude have gotten Jason Trayhern booted out of yet another army aviation squadron. Thanks to his father's legendary military career, however, Jason's commanding officers are giving him one last chance. Along with his new assignment comes Annie, a new flying partner who sets his senses on instant alert.

Sharing her cockpit with a hotshot with a bad attitude falls a little short of Annie's idea of paradise, yet her instincts tell her Jason deserves a fair chance. As they work side by side, friendship deepens into love, but when a combat tragedy leaves Jason with amnesia, the couple faces an uncertain future.

(Jun., 304 pp., $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mitchell