Image of FIT: #1 in the Fit Trilogy


Image of FIT: #1 in the Fit Trilogy

This short, sexy romance packs an impressive amount of plot into a novella-length story. Violet is a funny, confident woman looking for a change and Grant is the man to help her discover which parts of her life need adjusting. While there is some light BDSM and a developing D/s relationship between Violet and Grant, the focus of this story is Violet getting to a point where she can lead a happy life and have a successful romantic relationship. Grant strikes the perfect balance — a Dom who knows exactly what he wants in the bedroom and a kind, patient partner outside the bedroom. I can't wait to see where Weahterspoon takes this series next.

TV producer Violet Ryan is tired of being fat, and after a disastrous workout session that ends in tears, she needs a fitness instructor who can start out slow. Enter personal trainer Grant Gibson, a gym co-owner willing to teach Violet the basics. Grant is attracted to Violet right off the bat, and after accidentally blurting out his interest in BDSM during their first meeting, Violet is more than a little curious. But after a few workout sessions that end with naughty meetings in Grant's office, Violet begins to wonder if Grant is afraid of taking his secret relationship with a fat client public, or if there's something more. (, dl., $2.99)

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Elisa Verna