Those who like a whole lot of kink in their stories will love this erotic novella that features Shibari, otherwise known as Japanese rope bondage. The author not only investigates this exotic form of bondage, but also gives readers an inside look into the two main character's thoughts and feelings. Sadie and Max’s backstory helps to enrich the novella’s steamy scenes as well as adds tender romantic moments to the couple’s realistic relationship.

In high school Sadie and Max had one memorable night, but in a mean girl moment Sadie called Max a nerd and dumped him. Ten years later, Max is still a bit of a nerd, but he now has the muscles to make any woman melt. Sadie returns to ask for forgiveness, but Max is not interested in an apology, he still wants Sadie and has a plan to keep her. Unfortunately, an experience Sadie had with a previous boyfriend makes it hard for her to accept Max’s adventurous antics in the bedroom. These two have a lot to overcome in order to find their happily-ever-after. (Liquid Silver Press, October 2010, dl. $4.75) *Web Exclusive Review*
Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne