For fans of Hill’s marvelous trilogy from a decade ago featuring the McRae family, this is a truly special treat, as Hill self-pubs Grace McRae’s long-awaited story. This beautiful tale of wounded individuals coming together is thoughtful, passionate and heartwarming. For rich tales of romance and drama, you can’t get better than Hill!

Grace McRae is hiding a painful secret: Her recently deceased husband, Luc, was cheating on her before his death. Unable to face Luc’s mother, Grace bails on a visit and winds up at a remote family cabin. Aiden Shaw is slowly recuperating from both mental and physical wounds suffered while in Afghanistan, and Grace’s brother Zach offered up the cabin for Aiden’s use. After a neighbor is injured, Aiden takes on responsibility for a giant mutt named Tink. Upon their return to the cabin, Aiden and Tink discover Grace inside. A storm traps them together for the evening, and by morning they have begun to build a friendship that just might heal both their wounds. (TERESAHILL.NET, dl $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith