Image of Five Odd Honors (Breaking the Wall)


Image of Five Odd Honors (Breaking the Wall)

This volume of Lindskold's Breaking the Wall series is much like the others: slow-moving, full of meetings and with precious little action. The main plot doesn't get going until halfway through the book and by that point it's too little, too late. The narrative voices aren't particularly distinct from each other, which makes it hard to care about any of the characters.

In this third and last (for now) volume in Lindskold's Chinese-inspired Breaking the Wall series, events come to a head: the Thirteen Orphans and their allies have opened the ninth gate into their ancestral homeland only to discover that it's been changed into an utterly alien landscape, uninhabited by people. As the Orphans investigate, they're captured as soon as they penetrate the barriers protecting the Center of the world. Meanwhile back on Earth, Brenda Morris has been taken out of the game by her overprotective father and it is only through her connection to the sidhe that she learns of the danger and is able to intervene in time. (TOR, May, 368 pp., $27.99)
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Natalie A. Luhrs