To the Highlanders, Ironcross Castle is cursedall its lairds have died "accidentally." But Gavin Kerr, the castles latest owner, does not fear the curse; he fears little since his feelings are dead.

But upon arriving at Ironcross he becomes obsessed with the portrait of Joanna MacInnes, the last lairds daughter who perished in the fire that consumed the castle. To Gavin she is the embodiment of beauty and everything he could desire.

Since the fire that killed her family, Joanna has hidden in the winding passageways beneath the castle. She wanders Ironcross at night seeking the truth about the fire. Seeing Gavin ignites a desire in Joanna to see that no harm comes to the handsome new laird.

Unable to stay away from Gavin, she watches him and when he is in danger she rescues him, revealing her identity. Gavin is entranced with the "ghostly" beauty and though he does not share Joannas beliefs about the curse, he does share her burning passion.

Then the accidents begin and Gavin realizes there might be some truth in Joannas tales. Together they will fight the forces of evil and free the castle from those who would destroy it and those who live there.

FLAME will spark your imagination with its lively characters and tantalizing mystery. Action-packed and sensual, May McGoldricks latest is another bright offering from a real talent. SENSUAL (Nov., 320 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin